Tally Cloud Server

Cloud firm isTally on Cloud provides easy, economical, efficient and secured way to use Tally from anywhere, anytime

When you install the Tally server in your office, you spend on Server Hardware, Operating System License, Antivirus, Backup, Storage device, UPS and lots of other things. Get rid of everything, use any device to access Tally from our Cloud Servers.
Cloud firmTally Cloud is a service where your tally and data is provided to you as SaaS model. It allows to use your own Tally License and access your Tally ERP from our servers using any RDP client from any device.

Further cloud firm Tally Cloud also uses high-speed infrastructure to provide you best computing speed.

BIGGEST Advantage of using cloud firm Tally Cloud is that since our Data Centres are located in India, you can activate Indian Tally License.


No matter if it’s a large, small or a medium enterprise, keeping all the accounting data on remote server is undoubtedly a very crucial decision for every business. All the business owners want their mission critical data to be safe. Gone is the time when businesses had to manage the servers and the applications manually. Now, they can take a step forward by adopting the Tally on cloud that can be accessed from any device and any place, whenever needed